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Locksmith Plus services all types of residential locks and applications in San Diego to help you keep your home safe and secure.

San Diego Residential Locksmith Services

We are your San Diego local locksmith and we know that your home holds some of your most valuable possessions. Locksmith Plus can provide you with the piece of mind that you need. We offer a variety of services and a large variety of locking hardware the can keep your home both safe and secure.

If your home is old or you have recently undertaken the task of remodeling an old home more often than you you may find yourself with the need to RE-KEY old locks. Locksmith Plus can help maintain the integrity and full functionality for most old locks. We can also provide lock repair services for any broken or damaged lock. If the lock cannot be repaired or re-keyed we can help you with the installation of new locks. We will help you make the right choice and make certain that the hardware is properly installed and provides a solution for your needs.

Other type of residential services provided by Locksmith Plus include the set up and drilling for installation of other locks. From door locks to fence locks we can handle just about any type of lock installation, including unlocking and repairing rolling door garage locks. Locksmith Plus can also fix and repair most sliding door locks for most makes of sliding doors. If you have a storage unit lock or shed lock in your home Locksmith Plus can help you gain entry due lost or broken keys.

Your mailbox holds important information and in this day and age of identity theft it is very important to maintain the integrity of your mailbox so that all your personal information is not tampered with. Locksmith Plus features installation, repair and replacement of mailbox locks. If you suspect that your mailbox lock has been tampered with or broken call Locksmith plus today for fast professional service.

Pad Locks provide ultimate security for any kind of gate, fence, door or chain. We hardly ever think that pad locks require maintenance or replacement. If you have pad locks installed anywhere in your home it's important that you mae sure that they are working properly. If you find that you need make extra keys or simply lost the key to any pad lock, Locksmith Plus can help you. We will come out to your home and re-key any pad lock and do a full inspection of all the locks in your home to make sure that they are working properly all at very accessible pricing call us today to find out more.

Locksmith Plus specializes in master key systems. If your home has many locks and need to open everyone with a single key, Locksmith Plus can aid you in setting up a master key system. Make an appointment today for more information.

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